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Michael on stairs
Michael K. Joseph, REALTOR

Michael Joseph has been engaged in the real estate industry since 1999 with a background as a loan officer. Working in the appraisal industry helped to develop his eyes to see value and defects in properties.


Being trained by these two companies has afforded Michael the wealth of knowledge to develop into a young real estate investor, so when you hire Michael Joseph to work on your behalf, you are not hiring the average real estate agent. He’s an agent that has walked the walk.

Michael says, “Training has been very intense over the years. Being a REALTOR means that learning never stops. In order to be able to provide the best consulting possible to my clients, it is imperative that I keep my education up to par with the real estate industry and it’s relative fields”


No matter where you are in your real estate transaction needs; a first-time home-buyer, renter, looking for an investment property, or even if you are facing pre-foreclosure - please call Michael Joseph to help you. #michaelkjoseph

How does Michael fuel his passion for service?

Michael K. Joseph is a native of New Orleans, Louisiana, a town well-known for its lively festivities and well-rounded culture.  It was in fifth grade when his father went to jail for being involved in a drug transaction with an undercover police officer.  As an outlet to express his feelings of hurt, Michael discovered his love for drawing and realized the gift of being an artist.  This craft turned into a side hustle where his mother’s living room became a makeshift barber shop, where he cut local kids’ hair and drew his art designs in their hair.  The money he generated helped his mother purchase school clothes for himself and his three siblings.  As time passed, life got even tougher without the presence of his father.  He eventually set down his clippers and started working in local restaurants to contribute to household bills.


As a witness and victim to the inner-city struggles of his youth, Michael dropped out of school just two years shy of graduating.  During this time, Michael became a young father and husband and assumed all responsibilities which came along with such roles. He realized he needed a better way to take care of his young family which did not involve him turning to the streets like many of his peers. 


He and his family traveled to many states, and even briefly lived in California and Mississippi, before settling in Houston, Texas in Summer 1995.  Happy to have found a place suitable for his family, the insurmountable pressures of fatherhood and marriage were no match for energy needed to maintain a home, and eventually led to strained relationships in his personal life.  However, this was the pivotal point which changed not only his perspective of life, but more importantly, how he chose to see himself.  A shift had taken place.  There was a sudden sense of urgency for Michael to do more and be more. 

“I changed my mind, and it changed my life.”

Michael used this feeling as fuel to grow in every area of life possible.  He went back to school and earned his GED, followed by cosmetology school.  His plan was to own a business and still have the flexibility in his schedule to be available for his wife and kids. Michael achieved his barber’s license and his goal; The B Spot Barber Shop and The B Spot Barber and Beauty Supplies were born in 2010. 


With a hunger for greatness, Michael expanded his world and began working in the field of real estate as a mortgage loan officer.  From this position, Michael transitioned from a lender to an appraiser’s assistant.  While these jobs paid the bills, Michael aimed his sights on taking his life to an even higher level.


The businesses remain open today and, through each, he has developed many friendships over the years.  Michael’s strong passion for real estate never left him, but instead led him to earn his real estate license in 2015.  Given his ability to connect with people from all walks of life, Michael has established himself as a true “people person” who has a sincere heart for helping those in need and neighboring communities.  A top producing real estate agent who is able to anticipate the needs of his clients, Michael provides a level of service that is exemplary in every way possible.  He continues to extend himself to not only his clients but through community education and involvement, as well as his non-profit organization, Constance Cares 4 Cancer.  In addition, he is one of many coaches for his local chess club, which is open to the public.

When asked, what is the force that drives him to keep moving forward, Michael K. Joseph’s answer is simple: “When I see an opportunity to do good, I take it.  I changed my mind, and it changed my life.  People are my passion.  When you take care of people the right way, everything else falls into place.  I just hope that my life can inspire another person to do the same.” #michaelkjoseph

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